Practice Area: Health Care & Power of Attorney

Constance was appointed to serve on the State Bar of Michigan Probate and Estate Planning Council. One of her duties was to write this guide for distribution to people in nursing homes and similar places.

Nursing home patients and their families have to make some tough choices about end of life medical treatment. There are many different opinions out there about what should be done and who should do it.

This guide was written for families struggling to understand the basic facts without all of the propaganda from know-it-alls who pretend they know a lot more about the law or medical treatment than they actually do.

The guide is free to download and share, but please take note that it is copyrighted. It should not be copied and pasted into any another paper with someone else’s name on it as the author. If you wish to use it as a handout for a group, then please call us at 616.949.1900.

Health Care Decision Making in Michigan – A Guide