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Our goal is to work smart, make it happen for our clients and to be the kind of law firm that draws clients to us not just for a case, but also for life. Clients have noticed. See what they have to say.


Ms Brigman excels as advisor, mediator and litigator. She is a dedicated professional who goes the extra mile for her client and handles both delicate and extreme situations with finesse. A forceful advocate of the elderly.

Linda, ,
An Elder Law Client

Used Ms Brigman as a fiduciary for a Trust I manage. As an financial advisor I look for integrity, professionalism and superior knowledge to guide me through some very stringent requirements in accountability, so I can focus on the issue at hand of managing trust assets.

A Trusts Client

Ms. Brigman was wonderful to work with. I found her very pleasant, and very knowledgable, and quite easy to work with. She guided me through a difficult process and was willing to answer even my crazy questions.

An Elder Law Client

Constance helped me with a guardianship and conservatorship for my husband after he became very ill with so, so many health issues including early onset Parkinson’s. At first my husband was mad that I had filed for guardianship. Out of spite he named somebody else to be his guardian if he had to have one, but he said he did not need a guardian. He denied most everything that he had been doing. So we had a contested guardianship hearing. Constance managed to get my stubborn husband to back down. My husband is a smart man. He was good at covering his mistakes and telling a convincing story. But Constance got us through it. The court appointed me. It is better now. Constance helps me file my papers with the court every year. She knows what she is doing and she is very meticulous. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Wife of a GM Retiree

Constance has helped me more than I can say. I have lived through a nightmare but they gave me back my sanity. I cannot say thank you enough for fixing this mess of a divorce decree and getting me everything that I deserved. I love you guys and always will.

Wife of a Businessman